el coleccionista

Fifteen years of pent-up desire. This grey city witnesses the anxiety that pushes them to share more than tracksuits, picnics and cotton candy.
All Vasili has got is his toned body and a silver medal, Slav suffers with the pain that paralyzes his hand.
It´s been fifteen years of photos, glances and Sunday walks.

Idea & Concept: Pérez y Stein

Shot with: Red Scarlet y Cooke 20-100 T3.1


César Amaro - Vasili
Manuel Ortiz - Slav


Direction: Paul Stein

DOP: Luis Ángel Pérez

Assistant Director: Mer Crespo

Editing: Robeh Rogero

Camera Operator: Toni Catalá

Assistant Camera: Dani Guzmán

Executive Producer: Music Bus

Production Manager: Iván Arruza Pallejá

Costume Design: Sofía Nieto y Arancha Rodrigálvarez (Carmen 17)

Art Director: Carlos Barea

Colour Grading: Toni Catalá

Hair & Makeup: Silvia Bono

Making Of: Agustín Mateo

Camera: HD Rent

Lenses: Hans Bürman

Graphic Design: Javi Tasio (DeVerbena)


Terita Velasco
Pablo Arreba
Pablo Bürmann
Carmela M. Oliart
Noel Gálvez
Enrique Velasco

Shot with: Red Scarlet & Cooke 20-100 T3.1

Madrid 2015